OgilvieRacing is the blog and portfolio of life long race car enthusiast Josh Ogilvie.

I started my long journey in Stock Car racing where I gained a love for making things and driving fast. After gaining a first class Engineering degree I worked in Formula 1 for five years, learning from some of the very best brains in the industry and continuing to grow my passion for things with four wheels. I am now a key member in a highly talented team building high throughput laboratory robotics in sunny Somerset England.

As an Engineer I can comfortably label myself as cross-disciplined, with a deep understanding and practical experience in a broad range of subjects including programming (web, software, firmware), electronics, engineering maths, simulation, mechanical design, fabrication, composites and systems. I enjoy all parts of engineering and believe that future engineers will need to be competent in a vast number of skills to remain relevant. This will be especially true as automation changes the way we live our lives.

But, most importantly, I love cars. Building them, driving them, simulating them, understanding them. The little red car in these pages has been the outlet for this passion for almost half my life and continues to keep me busy. Hopefully if you are reading this you also love cars and you can enjoy my content.