Ogilvie Racing - Suzuki G13B Cams


MeWelcome to Ogilvie Racing the online outlet for myself, Josh Ogilvie. I am a Mechanical Engineer currently working in Formula One, and since I was young I’ve had a passion for race cars.


Starting in Stockcars when I was 14 I cut my teeth building and driving a bright orange 998cc Rover Mini. I completed a vast amount of fabrication and preparation work, and finished two successful seasons with numerous wins under my belt; it was a rare if I wasn’t dicing with the top of the pack. During this time I realised that even a small amount of knowledge about vehicle setup, tyres and engines went a long way to giving you an edge over the competition. This fuelled my quest for knowledge and understanding, and I learnt all I could from my father Rod Ogilvie who is an experienced car builder and engineer in his own right.

Unsurprisingly I went on to study engineering at the University of Southampton, with the objective of learning the tools and techniques required to build race cars. Perhaps the most important part of my studies was my year in industry where I worked in the Vehicle Dynamics department of a championship winning F1 team. It was here that the real learning began, working alongside experienced engineers and top drivers.

To make sure I stayed sane during my studies I built a Lotus 7 replica in what little spare time I had (the Locost). To describe the entire process in a few lines of text would do it little justice. I undertook a full from-scratch vehicle build, including custom uprights, chassis and suspension.

Currently I drive the Locost in AutoSolo/Sprint events back at home and I derive a lot of my passion from this little red car.

As time goes on I’ll be producing articles and videos on the following subjects, hopefully sharing some of the interesting and useful things I’ve learnt along the way.

  • Fabrication and Design
  • Pneumatics
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Handling
  • Embedded systems and Electronics
  • AutoSolo and Driving Techniques