ManDoCar: Episode #1

I couldn’t bring myself to write a full article on how the car is getting on, so I decided to do something a little different: a podcast! Enjoy. All the relevant pictures are below as well as dingy chat!

We discuss painting, IVA preparation, driving at Snetterton, engineering learning, SpaceX hydraulic systems, faulty brake callipers, peak performance, why limited slip differentials rock, the Hoonigan donk, exhaust wrap, and lastly, engineering in a pandemic.

Dingy Chat

Pantone 333c Colour Chip

The Locost

New steering rack mount. Major surgery!
The chassis finally in a state to clean and paint. Spring 2020
Chassis all cleaned up and steering rack back in
Steering joint over the 10 degrees required for IVA
A very clean and red engine block
ARP Main Studs. Lovely.
Plastigauging a main cap
One of the old big end bearings. Not nice at all. These were new not long ago.
Inside of the drp sump pan.
New seat padding by JK Composites.
Bottom end back in the car.
The entirely wrong brake calliper slides …
… this is what they should look like
A freshly rebuilt and cleaned diff. Kaaz Limited Slip inside!
Auxiliary belt idler. Makes the engine much quieter.
Front lights! Looking great
Oil on plug #1. Not fouling, but not great. Need to do a proper break-in before any concern.


  1. Josh, I’m planning on using the G13B and the SJ413 t speed gearbox. Did you need to change the flywheel to the Jimny flywheel to match the gearbox or does the GTI flywheel work ok with the SJ413.



    • Josh

      February 22, 2021 at 9:17 pm

      Hi Dominic,

      Thanks for messaging. I used the G13B flywheel and a SJ413 clutch. This required 3mm spacers between the clutch plate dowels, bolts and flywheel; easy as that!

      What are you putting the engine into?


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