Life has got the better of me over the last few months and progress on the Locost has been slow. I had hoped to be doing a Trackday this December, but the car simply wasn’t ready, and there weren’t enough hours in the day to make it so. Subsequently, when my mate Dan messaged me about a Trackday he was organizing at Snetterton in February I was all ears. This is just far enough away to give me enough time to get the car prepared, but at a push. Fortunately, I work well under pressure.

So for my benefit, here is my Locost-work-list that needs to be completed before February the 13th:

  • Fibreglass Rear Arches – By now you have read my article about the Locosts rear light pods. These are still being fettled into the arches so the lights can be fitted. I’m hoping to get these into primer over the Christmas break and bolted to the car.
  • Finish Lighting Loom – With the arches in place I can finish the loom for the rear indicators and brake lights. I ordered connectors for this job, and have built an unfinished rear-end loom, so this should be fairly straightforward.
  • Mount Front Arches – This is one of the more complicated tasks. I have some M8 threaded standoffs that I can weld to the front uprights to make mounting easier, but really I need to bend some 3/4inch tube to make the frames for these. If I can measure these up before I head back home for Christmas I should be able to get this done.
  • Finish Mounting Drivers Seat – This is a straightforward task as it is already bolted in place, the 8mm holes simply needed to be taken out to 9mm. I would also like to re-paint the floor pans while the seat is out; just in case it rains.
  • Fix Leaky Sump – Remember that awesome wet sump I made? Yeah it leaks. I’ve been struggling to get it to seal to the block. I always used to use the standard Suzuki cork gasket but this time have been trying to go purely Silicone; this is clearly a terrible idea. The sump needs to come off one more time and get sealed properly. I have a spare gasket so all I need is time.
  • Mount Rear Panel – I have a sneaking feeling that I need have a rear panel to cover the fuel tank for Trackdays. It would make sense that the driver would not be allowed straight line of sight to a flammable tank of gasoline. So for my safety I need to sort this out. I have a carbon rear panel molding, so I just need to get measuring and cutting before Snetterton.
  • Shakedown – I need time to drive the car and check it has no issues. It has been dried stored for over twelve months now, so with a little luck it should be fine.
  • New Tyres – My old Yokohama A539s are almost as old as the car and have seen far better days. While they have heaps of tread on and I’m tempted to give them a final send off, they need to go. Given I’m not going to be racing anyone I may just get a fresh set of A539s or the Toyo equivalent. Cheapish tyres, but at-least new tyres.


  • Paint Front/Rear Arches – It would be nice for the car to look good while on track, but my priority is actually being there. However, if I get the time it would be nice make things pretty.
  • Wire In Datalogger – This is a project I am yet to write up, however over the last couple of months of dark evening I have created a datalogger for the Locost. I would quite like to run this at Snetterton as the data will tell me a lot about the car and help me progress my driving. This is almost not optional in my eyes, but I guess its low priority.
  • Cover Gearbox Opening – I ran a pneumatic paddleshift system for a while, which is now on the back burner until I can track the car. This required opening  up the tunnel around the gear-stick to fit. With the normal gear-stick mounted now the driver has line of sight to the engine bay. For safety reasons this is bad, and although I don’t think it will cause any issues, when I get the time I hope to cover this up.

What do you think? I don’t have anywhere near as much free time as I used to and could do with some spending some time with friends over the Christmas break. So realistically, other than the rear arches, everything has to get done in six Sundays. Fingers crossed.

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