2017 Wrap-Up

The last time I wrote to you it was April, the weather was sunny, I was down-in-the-dumps and I worked in Formula 1; now none of these things are the true!

I apologize that its been such a long time since I posted anything up here; I have been super busy. My girlfriend and I were pretty unhappy with where we were living, so we decided to up-sticks and move to the South West. This was not an easy decision to make, however it is a decision I am yet to regret. I am enjoying a more manageable pace of life, in a beautiful location, working with great people, and I have found myself with plenty of time to think about having kids building cars.

Given that I owe you some content, here is a quick wrap-up of 2017 in cars and car related life.

or… I think I did a track day at some point

Remember when I drove the Locost at Snetterton? Yeah, so do I, it was awesome. Sadly, it was almost a year ago!


I plan on doing at least two Track-days in 2018, probably both at Castle Combe. The first will be to get to know the track, try out my new trailer and try out the Locosts new upgrades. The second will be a return to hopefully improve upon my first attempt. This won’t be until March/April, due to my many on going upgrades…

New Tow Barge
or… I’m sure I’ll regret selling my Sierra one day

In 2017 I had to say goodbye to my beloved Mk1 Ford Sierra two-door; Sally. As awesome a road car as it was, having two project cars was far too much work and both suffered for it. There are only so many car-hours in a week. Whittling down to one project car (and a trailer!) has mean’t I can now focus on bigger projects and making the Locost what I had dreamed it to be.

Also, the Sierra was a terrible tow car, it was never made to move big weights. When I did Snetterton my brother Alex towed the Locost with his Volvo 240 and I learn’t the benefits of a stoutly built estate car. Subsequently I got a Honda Accord Estate, and I have never looked back! It starts, it runs, it tows and the sound systems pretty damn good; no complaints.

Goodbye Sally!


Leaving F1
or… my life in vehicle simulators

Back in July finally I waved goodbye to Formula 1. I felt I had put in a good five years and had learn’t a lot of great engineering skills which will set me up for the rest of my career. I have tried numerous times to write down all my thoughts and feelings about leaving, as it was tough decision to make, but in such an open forum I will simply say: it was intensely fun, challenging, rewarding, and sometimes it wasn’t.

I will miss working with Racecars, and within Motorsport, however my latest engineering challenge has thoroughly  de-specialized me and allowed me to enjoy all areas of engineering (Design, Build, Test, Repeat!).

So this chapter in life is well and truly over; I have no regrets. Here are some pictures from over the years, although given the secretive nature of the business I have found I didn’t take many!

 F1 Simulator - Tim Peake    


Ongoing Project Pictures
I certainly have a fair few projects on the go at the moment, all of which will get big write ups when their done. Here are a selection of pictures for you all.

Dry Sump System


Lap Simulation

Expect some project write ups in the coming months. I hope you had a great 2017!