Locost: Fixing the handling

I have been really looking forward to this phase of Locost ownership: the development! With the car on the road I can now make changes and feel the difference in the engine and the handling almost straightaway. Back in my previous job I used to do this in a high tech racecar simulator, but I felt the real learning would always be on the road in my own car. Here goes!

Super scary to drive

I have put approximately 100 miles on the Locost since it first hit the road. These have been spirited drives to get to know the handling and deal with any reliability issues, as well as a few commutes to work.… Read More

Locost: IVA Test and Finish Line

Its been about six months since I last posted and as always I have been squirrelling away in that time. My last article, posted back in May, covered airfield testing of the car and the uncovering of a few gremlins. Lets start there.

Post-Airfield Fixes

Remember I said the engine was smoking on over-run and I was pretty sure it was the valve guides? Well I’m not always right about these things.

I wasn’t confident I could get the valve guides replaced in a short period of time so I decided to strip the cylinder head off one of my spare engines, given that’s what they are there for, and check the valve guides.… Read More

Locost: Airfield Testing

I get super nervous when it comes to things like this, logistics and towing always freaks me out. Getting the car to and from an airfield… on time… on a trailer… with all my tools and spares… there is plenty that can go wrong. Fortunately barely anything went wrong!


Prior to IVA I need a reasonable fuel map in the car so it can be driven around, undertake the emissions tested, test the speedo etc. I have changed so much in and around the engine that I needed to start from scratch this time around. Following lessons I had learnt running DIY fuel injection in my daily Sierra, I knew the benefits of using throttle position as the ECU load input, this is known as alpha-n tuning and is what I will be running in the Locost from now onwards as opposed to the blended tps/map setup I had been using before.… Read More

ManDoCar: Episode #5: SN15, Motorbikes, Bows, Boats and Completing a Hobby Project (Guest: Neil)

This time its not just two but three brothers having a natter.

We discuss SpaceX’s Starship SN15, running a canteen on the moon, Motorbikes, Bow making, carpentry, fixing dinghy’s and living life once a major hobby is complete. Neil is guest: he is a civil engineer, biker, archer and father of two.

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ManDoCar: Episode #4: SN9 Landing Sploshion, The Cost Of Hobby Cars, Alex Buys Another Boat

A new episode of Man Do Car! Two brothers just having a natter.

We discuss the Mars Rover Landing, SpaceX Starship SN9 Landing Sploshion / SN10 Non-Sploshion, the cost of Volvo 240’s, Alex Buys Another Boat, Weird Sailing Events, the cost of Hobby Cars, Expert Rigging, Twitter Bots, curbing your enthusiasm and Electric Car Chargers.

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